Sunday, 20 July 2014

Poster for 12-25


  1. The compressor dustbin poster has too less graphics and is mainly words. The design is also very plain and is separated by 4 different rectangles. This makes the poster very boring and not attractive at all. It is basically too plain, wordy and has too less graphics

  2. Good points:
    - Words are big and clear
    - A prototype for people to look and view
    -Use different colours to attract people's attention
    -Bolding of words for important keywords
    -A scenario for target audience

    Points to be improved
    - Reduce word count
    - Different colours for the words

  3. The product image is too small and does not catch the eye.

  4. Good -> | Simple | Not complicated | Not too much colors.
    Bad -> Blue paper is not straight at a corner | VERY WORDY | Boring | Needs more picture demonstrations

  5. Good Points: Colourful

    Bad Points: Inappropriate use of word placing.
    Incorrect use of bold

  6. The poster is very plain and does not invoke interest. It does not have many diagrams, so people might not know what it is about.

  7. The product diagram is too small. Words are big enough. Design is very simple

  8. The background is pretty plain and blank. The coloured boxes aren't eye appealing although the colours are bright and eye catching.The image shown is the poster gives the audience a bit of what the product looks like.

  9. Good point:
    The information is comprehensive.It is simple and easy to understand
    Bad point:
    It is all information and boring.

  10. This poster is good as it contains many bright colours that attract viewers' attention. However, it does not have enough graphics in it. Hence, viewers do not really understand.

  11. The good thing about this poster is that the information is arranged in organised boxes, which allows the viewer to see the different points in properly. The wrong thing about this is that the poster is not very catchy and is also the boxes are not properly shaped.