Sunday, 20 July 2014

Poster for Register 1-11

Please comment below your views.


  1. Good:
    The poster point out some of the important stuff by colour coding them.
    Points are being separated by paragraph
    The colours used are not attractive.
    There are too many words and it should be shortened.
    The fonts are too small and unattractive.

  2. Good Points:
    -Design is rather colourful

    Bad Points:
    - Too wordy
    - The colours may not exactly contrast
    - There is no graphics displayed

  3. It is very messy as the arrows are not equal and would be confusing for the public. The transparency of the paper makes the words not easy to read .

    However, it is arranged and neat, other than the arrows, and very informative.

  4. The poster has graphics, However, the graphics are a bit distracting and some words cannot be seen due to the background.The font is unique but too scrawny to be read clearly

  5. Good Point;
    i. Mindmap
    ii. Colours
    iii. The information is grouped

    Bad Point;
    i. Wordings are too small
    ii. Messy
    iii. Cluttered

  6. BAD
    -the words are too small
    -it is too wordy

    -it is in a mindmap format, causing it to be very clearcut
    -the colour scheme is very simple

  7. 1) Font size is too small
    2) Too much informations.
    3) The background is nice?

  8. Good points:
    - The poster is colourful enough to be eye catching
    - The design is pretty

    Bad points:
    - The words are too small
    - It's too cluttered
    - The arrows are badly placed

  9. Its print is too small. It is cluttered and I can't read it due to the font too