Monday, 24 February 2014

Brainstorm ideas

Name: Khairul Azfar bin Zainudin                           Class: Sec 1-04      

Brainstorming Activity 1

Generate as many ideas as you can for the use of rubber bands (at least 30). Number each of your idea.

1. To sling at people
2. Crossbow
3. To strangle people
4. Use as a ballista
5. Catapult
6. High velocity rod launcher
7. Annoying people
8. Explode a watermelon
9. High velocity watermelon launcher
10. Tripwire
11. Jamming a machine
12. Tying hands and legs together so people can’t run away
13. Stop blood flow
14. Rubber band gun
15. Rubber band car
16. Traps
17. Repulsion gel?
18. Automaton
19. Fixing stuff
20. Get things from somewhere you can’t reach
21. Use them as a string

Paired Comparison Analysis Activity 1

Pick the top 4 ideas based on the criterion of innovativeness (different, most original, unique, feasible)

A. Automaton
B. Fixing stuff
C. Get things from somewhere you can’t reach
D. Use them as a string

A vs B >  WInner 1 = Automaton C vs D > Winner 2 = Get things from… Winner 1 vs Winner 2 = Automaton

Where do your top 4 ideas come from? Are they ideas from the beginning, middle or end, or all over? At the end

What gives you those ideas?


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