Monday, 17 February 2014

I&E Steve Jobs(Aeron Chan)

Create insanely good experiences

  • 1 to 1 training
1 to 1 training is always better than a group as the trainer can focus on you alone while in a group the trainer attention will be divided.

  • Customers and company experiences
Having your shop at a good location will be convenient for your customers.

Sell dreams not products

  • Make something simple eg. ipads, iphones
  • Focus on the quality not the quantity
Say no to 1000 things

  • Don't clutter users experiences
  • think simple
  • choose the best idea out of the many ideas you have
Master the message

  • get people excited
  • turn products into a art form
  • able to give a good presentation
  • tell a compelling message
  • start from square 1 and be the best you can
  • learn more skills

Thank you the all the people who give me the infomation

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