Monday, 24 February 2014


1.    Tie Hair
2.   Shoot at people
3.   Tie together to become a string
4.   Tie together to become a skipping rope
5.    Tie a lot together to become a big ball
6.   Tie plastic bag
7.   Sell them
8.   A Paper or Poster Scroll 
  1. A Safety Strap for Eye Glasses 
  2. Finger Exercises 
  3. A Handle Grip 
  4. Secure a Lid onto a Container 
  5. Quick Tagging 
  6. Stress-Relieving Rubber Band Ball ©
  7. Mark the Level of Liquid Remaining in a Solid Color Container
  8. Slingshot (A)
  9. Strap an Injured Finger 
  10. Melt and Use as an Adhesive 
  11. A Distraction (B)
  12. Prevent the Mixing Spoon from Sliding into the Bowl.
  13. A Pencil Eraser (D)
  14. Grip that Jar Lid 
  15. Limit Soap Dispenser Output 
24.        Keep Wires or Yarn Untangled 

25.         (A) vs (B) =(A) (C) vs (D)=(D)

26.        (A) vs (D) Winner, (A)

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